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Healthy Shoulder Video


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Healthy Shoulder Video:

Is your shoulder pain limiting you? Do you feel shoulder pain when you are lifting, reaching, getting dressed, working or playing? The shoulder is a complex region of the body, prone to conditions that lead to shoulder pain, shoulder weakness, and limit shoulder range of motion such as shoulder impingement syndrome, biceps tendinitis and rotator cuff tears.

The shoulder is so involved in our everyday motion it can be hard to escape the discomfort. If this sounds like you, or you are interested in maintaining shoulder mobility and shoulder strength to prevent problems, you will likely benefit from this self treatment video. This video is designed to help you understand the shoulder region so you can learn to use it an optimal way.

Join Esther Smith (Doctor of Physical Therapy) and Eva Kauffman (Master Pilates Instructor) as they help you better understand your shoulder complex. They will outline strategies for shoulder pain control, proper shoulder range of motion, shoulder mobility, and shoulder strength through at home shoulder physical therapy exercises and Pilates routines. The knowledge and skills gained from this tutorial can help you to reduce shoulder pain, recover shoulder function, and ultimately prevent recurrences.


Recommended for: shoulder pain, shoulder impingement, scapular stabilization, scapular winging, neck pain, rotator cuff tendinitis, rotator cuff strains, shoulder joint arthritis, biceps tendinitis, thoracic outlet syndrome, frozen shoulder, adhesive capsulitis, labral issues, shoulder muscle strains, AC joint issues, scapular dysfunction, elbow pain, hand and wrist pain


Video Highlights-


Section 1: Education and Shoulder Pain Control

  • -Shoulder anatomy explained: scapulothoracic joint, glenohumeral joint, scapulothoracic joint, sternoclavicular joint
  • -Shoulder posture and shoulder alignment: relationship between shoulder, upper back, and neck while stationary and moving


Section 2: Shoulder Movement Skills

  • Rotator cuff exercises
  • Movement education to address shoulder impingement
  • Shoulder alignment under different loads and planes in space


Section 3: Shoulder Mobility Exercises

  • Chest mobility exercises, chest openers, pec stretches
  • Fascial line stretches
  • Side body openers, lateral fascial stretches, and lat stretches
  • Upper back stretches and scapular mobility


Section 4: Shoulder Strengthening Exercises

  • Scapular stabilization exercises
  • Shoulder stability exercises
  • Rotator cuff strengthening exercises
  • Plank form and plank progressions
  • Push-up form and push-up progressions
  • Upper back strengthening
  • Middle and lower trapezius muscle strengthening
  • Scapular winging exercises


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