Healthy Hand & Wrist Video
Healthy Hand & Wrist Video


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Healthy Hand & Wrist Video:

Do you have issues in your hand or wrist? Are you wanting to treat carpal tunnel syndrome at home or manage other common hand and wrist conditions? This video will lead you through wrist physical therapy exercises and Pilates exercises to promote healthy hands and wrists.

Our hands and wrists are essential to daily function. This video addresses some of the most common concerns we encounter in our hands and wrist, such as tendon/ligament problems, tenosynovitis, pulley injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome and hand arthritis.

Esther Smith (Doctor of Physical Therapy) and Eva Kauffman (Master Pilates Instructor) have teamed up to combine the best physical therapy and Pilates exercises for the maintenance of a healthy hand and wrist. They outline strategies for hand and wrist pain control, proper wrist and shoulder movement, wrist mobility, and finger/hand strength through demonstrated exercises you can easily and safely replicate at home. The knowledge and skills gained from this tutorial can help you reduce hand and wrist pain, recover hand and wrist function, and ultimately prevent hand and wrist issues for years to come.


Recommended for: hand/wrist pain, arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, neck pain, elbow pain, hand/wrist tendinitis, tenosynovitis, finger pulley strain/tear, forearm pain, finger ligament sprain, wrist tendinitis


Video Highlights-


Section 1: Hand and Wrist Education and Pain Control

  • Learn carpal tunnel symptoms and carpal tunnel exercises
  • Physical therapy exercises for hands and fingers: pen rolling, grip strengthening
  • Physical therapy exercises for wrist: tendon glides, finger tractioning, neural glides
  • Wrist mobility exercises: forearm stretches
  • Finger and hand mobility exercises and self massage techniques
  • Neck stretches


Section 2: Hand and Wrist Mobility

  • Forearm and hand self massage
  • Forearm stretches
  • Nerve glides/neural flossing
  • Neck self massage
  • Hand and wrist alignment under different loads


Section 3: Hand and Wrist Strength

  • Physical therapy exercises for wrist strength: hammer curls, rice bucket
  • Pilates exercises for wrist strength and scapular stabilization under different loads
  • Hand and wrist strengthening for climbers

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