Tennis Elbow Tendinitis Video

Tennis Elbow Tendinitis Video


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Tennis Elbow Tendinitis Video:

Do you suffer from pain on the outside of your elbow or forearm, a.k.a. tennis elbow tendinitis? Lateral epicondyle pain, or lateral elbow pain, is a common overuse injury and it is relatively easy to perform tennis elbow treatment exercises on your own. Use this video to learn the best exercises for tennis elbow tendinitis so you can recover from tennis elbow through physical therapy elbow exercises and Pilates strengthening exercises.

With tennis elbow, you may experience pain at the outside of your elbow/forearm during simple daily tasks such as pinching, gripping, squeezing, typing, lifting, or impacting. Perhaps your favorite sport or activity aggravate this lateral elbow pain. Tennis Elbow, or lateral elbow tendinitis/tendinosis, is a dysfunction affecting the muscle-tendon unit on the outside of the elbow. Laborers, computer workers, weight lifters, rock climbers and tennis players are all people who are prone to this condition.

Join Esther Smith (Doctor of Physical Therapy) and Eva Kauffman (Master Pilates Instructor) as they describe signs and symptoms of tennis elbow so you can learn what's happening in your body and how to help tennis elbow. Follow tennis elbow treatment exercises designed to reduce elbow pain, recover forearm function, and build muscle strength and core connection. Follow outlined physical therapy elbow exercises that aim to heal the muscle-tendon dysfunction and Pilates exercises that call upon the coordination of the entire upper extremity and shoulder complex to unburden the elbow and prevent recurrences.


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Video Highlights-


Section 1: Education and Pain Control

  • Learn symptoms of tennis elbow
  • Physical therapy exercises for tennis elbow: forearm self massage for tennis elbow
  • Exercises for tennis elbow treatment: how to treat tennis elbow in early inflammatory stage and afterwards
  • Tennis elbow rehabilitation exercises: remodel tendons through eccentric exercises for tennis elbow


Section 2: Movement Skills

  • Physical therapy exercises for elbow mobility and rotator cuff strengthening
  • Pilates exercises for elbow mobility and shoulder organization
  • Pilates for scapular stabilization exercises under different loads


Section 3: Elbow Mobility Exercises

  • Tennis elbow treatment stretches: myofascial stretches
  • Stretches for tennis elbow: forearm extensor stretches, lat/tricep stretches


Section 4: Strength Building Exercises

  • Strengthening exercises so you can avoid tennis elbow recurrences
  • Exercises to prevent tennis elbow: strengthen posterior arm line
  • Exercises to learn push-up with proper shoulder and elbow alignment
  • Pilates exercises to connect arms to core/center: scapular stabilization


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