Healthy Foot & Ankle Video

Healthy Foot & Ankle Video


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Healthy Foot & Ankle Video:

Do you have foot or ankle pain? Do you suffer from chronic ankle sprains, plantar fasciitis, achilles tendinitis or balance issues? Perhaps you want to maintain mobility and strength in your foot and ankle to prevent a problem. This video teaches you physical therapy exercises for your foot and ankle and Pilates exercises designed to promote a healthy and pain-free foot and ankle.

Your foot and ankle are the foundation of your body and their health and mobility effects day to day movement. Foot and ankle conditions are common, and thankfully there is a lot we can do to recover from these issues and prevent future problems.

Join Eva Kauffman (Master Pilates Instructor) and Esther Smith (Doctor of Physical Therapy) as they coach you through physical therapy exercises for foot and ankle pain and Pilates exercises for foot and ankle health. Move through the sections of the video designed to educate you on your foot and ankle, give you tools for foot and ankle pain control, and teach you movement skills for foot and ankle balance, control, and strength. Increase understanding of your foot and ankle, the foundation of your body, so you can recover foot and ankle function and improve foot and ankle mobility.


Recommended for: foot pain, ankle pain, ankle instability, ankle stiffness, chronic ankle sprains, neuropathy, balance issues, foot/ankle arthritis, neuromas, calf strain, achilles tendinitis, plantar fasciitis, peroneal tendinitis, hammer toe, bunions


Video Highlights-


Section 1: Foot and Ankle Education and Pain Control

  • Common treatable conditions: chronic calf strain, achilles tendinitis, peroneal tendinitis, ankle stiffness, arthritis, plantar fasciitis
  • Physical therapy exercises for foot
  • Physical therapy exercises for ankle
  • Plantar fascia stretch and plantar fascia massage
  • Calf self massage and calf stretches
  • Exercises for hammer toe


Section 2: Foot and Ankle Mobility Skills and Strength

  • Strengthen arch of foot
  • Foot mobility exercises
  • Ankle mobility exercises
  • Pilates exercises for foot strength
  • Pilates exercises for ankle strength


Section 3: Foot and Ankle Conclusion

  • Learn about tissue healing
  • Standing postural alignment for foot and ankle
  • Gait training
  • Lower extremity alignment

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