How often should I perform the exercises outlined in the videos?

This varies with each exercise and chief complaint, but we encourage you to engage in some sort of self treatment on a daily basis. We designed the videos to be organized by sections. For time efficiency, we encourage you to choose a section to watch daily or to create your own routine from the exercises that you feel are the most helpful. We expect that you will not always watch the video in it's entirety.

How long should I self treat?

The general rule for tissue healing is 6-8 weeks. We recommend trying the exercises out for at least that long to measure the change in your body. We always recommend finding qualified, licensed practitioners in your local area to help you with obtaining an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan.

What are some self treatment guidelines/best practices?

-While self treating, if you experience increased pain during or after exercises or have new pain/new symptoms we recommend that you seek medical advice.

-While self treating adjust frequency/intensity/load/resistance/position to manage any discomfort. Listen to your body and stay within a therapeutic range of movement.

-Try to incorporate some sort of self treatment therapy into your daily routine. Scatter it throughout your day or add it to your regular exercise program.

Do I need the tools outlined in the video?

Some of the exercises outlined in our videos require tools/props that can be purchased in our store or elsewhere. We recommend finding the right tools in order to be most effective with your self treatment.

Once you own these tools you will be more likely to use them. Find a spot in your home where you can leave your tools out and come and go from self treatment sessions.

How do I see the video once it's purchased?

You will receive an email with a link to download the video. The link includes two download opportunities. We recommend downloading directly to your computer or laptop so you can have the file to share with any other personal device. 

Can I share the video with my friends/family?

Your purchase of the video includes the file itself for your use. While you may share it amongst your own devices, our copyright laws do not allow you to share the file with others. Please feel free to tell friends and family about the self treatment videos and invite them to purchase any that will help them on their road to better health.

What happens if I purchase the video on my phone?

You will be able to open the video on a web browser but it will not download the file to keep. We recommend downloading the file to your computer and then sharing the file with other devices.

How do I watch the video on my iPhone or iPad?

Once the video is downloaded onto your Mac you will be able to access the file through your "downloads" file and drop it into iTunes. It is usually saved in the "home videos" section in iTunes.

What format will the video file be in?

The file will be in an MP4 which plays the video in one continuous stream. You can choose to manually bounce around to different parts of the video, but there is no "menu" or "chapters" like a DVD.