• Foam Roller

    Foam Roller

    The Body Sport Foam Roller allows you to enhance your balance and body awareness through foam roller stretches and foam roller exercises. This roller promotes muscle re-education, muscular flexibility and dynamic strengthening. Made out of lightweight, high-density foam, this roller can perform a wide range of rehabilitation and strengthening exercises.


  • Half Foam Roll

    Half Foam Roll

    A great accessory for your home or gym kit, the CanDo Half Foam Roller helps you improve balance and posture, build stability and coordination, and relieve muscle tension and stress.


  • Trigger Point Ball

    Trigger Point Ball

    The Super Pinky Ball features a firm density for a tremendous self-massage of tired feet, sore hands and tense muscles. Use the trigger point ball to access muscle trigger points to aid in self massage treatment. It can help with the prevention or relief of plantar fasciitis and other soft tissue tension conditions.

    Quantity 1 ball


    • TheraBand Bands

      TheraBand Bands

      TheraBand Resistance Bands are the perfect tool for resistance exercise in the clinic, at the gym, at home, or on the go. TheraBand elastic resistance has been proven to increase strength, mobility, and function, as well as reduce joint pain. 

      Choose from three resistances:

      Yellow: Light resistance, Latex-free TheraBand 3 feet, 4'' wide

      Red: Medium resistance, Latex-free TheraBand 3 feet, 4'' wide

      Green: Heavy resistance, Latex-free TheraBand 3 feet, 4'' wide


      From $10.00

    • Yoga Block

      Yoga Block

      The Body Sport® Foam Yoga Block is made of soft high-density foam and features beveled edges for comfort and easy use. Use the block to add just a little more height and support to help achieve proper pose positioning safely.


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