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Healthy Shoulder

Is your shoulder pain limiting you? Do you feel shoulder pain when you are lifting, reaching, getting dressed, working or playing?

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Climber's Kit

Are you a climber looking to perform at your optimal level and keep climbing for decades?

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Golfer's Elbow Tendinitis

Do you suffer from pain on the inside of your elbow or forearm, a.k.a. golfer’s elbow tendinitis?

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This has helped me with alignment, impingement and correcting my movement techniques! It is helping me recover from a SLAP tear and get back to climbing. Thank you!!!

- Bindi G.

Grassroots Self Treatment has been an indispensable tool in enabling and teaching me to learn how my body functions in order to gain higher performance and efficiency in all parts of my life. At the desk, and outdoors.

- Caleb S.

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